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I'm Alex. So here's where I post the music I like.

It generally varies in genre. Death metal to power metal; Doom metal to traditional heavy metal.


Black Metal

Death Metal

Doom Metal


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It has come to my attention that there are some blogs that are beginning to repost the Metal Dungeon comics as opposed to reblogging them. I will ask you that if you do repost the comics, please attribute proper credit to

Anonymous said: Jack Owen, Kerry King and Rob Halford went bald, they'd no choice! Although who cares about hair length? So yeah.

It’s true. But yes, my point was that hairstyle shouldn’t determine how “much of a metalhead” one is.

You know who I’m talking about. He’s that little kid who comes up to you at the bus stop to bum a smoke because he’s so hardcore since he listens to Pantera. He usually only listens to Cowboys From Hell and claims to be able to play Cemetery Gates on his cousin’s guitar.

But mention to him once - just once - that Pantera used to be a glam metal band…

and he’ll fucking flip shit.